Take that admission of general abitshitness, that pride in 'getting away with it', in precisely avoiding the big statement either musically or lyrically in preference of making some facsimile of feel, attitude scruffed like factory-damaged jeans, a simulacra of 'importance', take that sanctification of the half-witted & slow-moving, combine it with a desperately insecure need to be loved, the dizzy dissipation in motivation that happens when social media infects pop not on a musical but on a spiritual level and you have the piss-stinking dead end we're in now. And just as social media interaction so often hinges on the upwardly hopeful australian inflection, that sense of plea within statements that begs for approval, that hopefully, cutely asks 'please, will this do?' - so 90% of modern pop has that plea within, is cowed by the offical history's omniprescence into desperately cloaking itself in the same tropes & motifs, pretending that it's squeezing fresh goodness out of these dried up dugs when all that's coming out is so much sour balloon juice. And because of the narrowing class basis of everyone involved, from press to PR to musicians, that mutual backslapping is getting plummier and plummier, as the real motivation behind doing any of this evaporates evaporates in a phut of hssssssss. In this fecund air where the priveliged young musician willing to work within the confines of the cannon find patrons easily and the young poet & the young prophet finds him or herself marginalised come Peace, good organisers, keepers of the dying flame of white guitarpop supremacy, great shite hope, what everyone NEEDS to keep their lies, their lives, their recovering businesses intact.
- Neil Kulkarni on PEACE 's IN LOVE record